Documonkey.TV Video Production Costs and Budgets

or 'How Long is a Rope? How Big is a house?'

How much will it cost to make a video?

This is always a challenging question since a custom "video" production is not an off-the-shelf-premade product.  
Most Videos are CUSTOMIZED projects filmed and edited to fit the clients NEEDS and BUDGETS with specific technical requirements and time investements unique to each project.

Therefore the definition of a "VIDEO PRODUCTION" is so broad the budgets can range anywhere from $500 to $5000, or even $25,000 depending on the SCOPE AND GOAL OF THE VIDEO as well as the WORKING BUDGET wich will determine how much professional work time and equipment investment is required and can be invested to complete the video and produce a quality release.

My filming rates start at $500 for 1/2 a day (or evening rate) and $800 for a full day
($CDN +tax)
(per crew member per camera package, per location per day)

Pricing will generally include base camera gear, production supplies and crew transport*
There may be additional cost like venue rentals,. special rentals, additional lighting and green screens, permits, insurance, scriptwriting , actors, music licence fees etc

*Geographical restrictions apply to locations outside Vancouver BC Lower Mainland area
Editing Studio rates start at $75/hr or $500 a 10hr dayrate ($CDN+tax) to creatively edit the footage , color grade the project , 'package' the video , then do the revisions and corrections, to produce the final video.
and depending on the complexity of the project most project will need
1-3 crew each day to shoot / film on location and
1-5 days of studio time to edit

So final budget will depend on the video project in question.
examples -
Multicamera Live band show recording $500+
Real Estate property spotlight video $1000+
2 location Business Spotlight video Pres Release $1500+
Wedding video $3500+

Rather than wasting your time (and mine) getting me to over-quote on a project with features and services you don't need for too much money OR Underquoting you on a video project that may be inexpensive but cuts too much out and fails to meet your needs

If you let me know your budget range is along with your needs and goal of your video - this will allow me to determine the scope of the project - hence this will allow me to come up with a quote / proposal that works best for both. - if you CONTACT ME to discuss what you need or your ideas and goals for your video AND what kind of budget you have to work with and I can provide you with a matching proposal.

We do have promotional pricing for a bundle of services
these were pre-made video production service bundles of our most popular service packages we have done for clients in the past so we now have a solid idea on the costs, gear and time investment required - and generally the budgets that most people have.
This means we know whats involved and can therefore give a more sold price quote if you go with a bundle.

What if I have no budget to work with?
Can I get FREE or volunteer video work if I tell all my contacts about you or promise to bring you in on the next big project down the road? Can I get Free volunteer video work in exchange for our event tickets or our merchandise? What if my cause is noble like "True love" or "to-blave?"

Documonkey TV is Ryan McCanns freelance Video Production studio with works focusing on Art, music, and adventure documentary and video projects. Filming inspirational stories of Artists and creative events through a fusion of art, music, images and storytelling.

  • Artist Documentary Spotlight vignettes
  • EPK (electronic press kit) video production
  • Live music videos and Concert recording
  • Live Mixing for streaming webcast
  • Travel and Adventure video

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The Business side of Documonkey TV puts those technical skills and production equipment to work for Professionals Presenters, Entrepreneurs and performers. with a specialty in live event documentation, news gathering interview , ENG, recording and promotional video editing.
  • Multi-Camera Full coverage event spekaer and performance for recording or live streaming
  • Story Driven event video documentation and video press releases
  • Promotional and fundraising Video content
  • In Studio Post | Editing

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